Instilling the Commandments

10CYouth stands for teach the Ten Commandments to our youth. If we want the next generation to grow up into mature, faithful adults then we need to show them the value of God's word and his instructions.

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"God gave the Ten Commandments to us, and the reason is because he wants us to live good lives — lives that are peaceful and happy and productive. God isn’t a harsh, angry judge just waiting for us to get out of line so he can punish us. He is our loving heavenly Father, who knows what is best for us."

Billy Graham

About the Author

JANE COCHRAN NEWBURN: As a child of God, my godly parents instilled the Word of God into my daily life. Many children don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the joy of the LORD through prayer, through the Bible, through church, through evangelists and through the blessing of serving God in the inner city, in an orphanage and being given the most difficult students to teach in a public school. For 45 years I have been a Sunday School teacher, for 15 years I was a Bible Study Fellowship adult/children’s leader, for 7 years I was a Good News Club director, taught school for 28 years and then I asked God, “What about the children whose parents won’t take them to church, won’t take them to Bible Study Fellowship, won’t pick them up after Good News Club? Please God, we must teach them.” During prayer, and Bible devotion time, God said, “Teach the Ten Commandments before school.” As I studied the Ten Commandments and prayed, God began a mighty and exciting work to discipline children unto Him. Before each commandment is taught, the Gospel Message of Salvation is taught so the children can receive Jesus as their Savior, have the power of the Holy Spirit and learn to obey God. As the commandments are taught during each lesson, the youth hear repeatedly that God loves them more than anyone, to put God first, to spend time with Him every day in prayer and by reading the Bible, when making a choice to do something they will either receive God’s blessing or His discipline and to GO for GOD.

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2023 Day Camp

By Jonathan Willmore | January 19, 2023

2023 Day Camp June-July Jane Newburn will be teaching the Ten Commandments at Freedom Park in Greenwood on Tuesdays from 10AM – Noon through June and July. Bring your friends and family to have fun and talk about what God has to teach us from Exodus 20. Jane has been teaching youth her entire professional…

2020 10CYouth Summer Camp

By Jonathan Willmore | March 13, 2020

2020 10CYouth Summer Camp Day Hour Minute Second Sports Coaching We will have experienced coaches teaching your children the following sports: Tennis, basketball, football, running, Wiffle ball, frisbee, limbo, paddleball, soccer, and tetherball.  Local Park This summer camp is nearby at your local park. We will be meeting at Liberty Park. Mark Your Calendar This…

How to apply the 10 Commandments Daily

By Jonathan Willmore | December 30, 2019

1. You shall have no other gods before me You shall have no other gods before me. Only worship the one true God. Put God first in all decisions. Obey God first. Please God first. Talk only to others by putting what God thinks first about your conversation. Speak first to God in the morning.…

Summer Camp 2019

By Jonathan Willmore | April 2, 2019

SUMMER CAMP OPPORTUNITY Contact us if you have questions or interested in the Camp.

Nation Back To God, Youth Back To School

By Jonathan Willmore | July 30, 2018

10CYouth 10 Commandments Quiz

By Jonathan Willmore | July 10, 2018

Watch the video above with your class/group/family/and friends to see how well you know them.

Moses’ Story

By 10cyouth | June 23, 2018

The Gospel Message

By 10cyouth | June 23, 2018

Intro for Students

By 10cyouth | June 23, 2018

Instructions for leaders

By 10cyouth | June 23, 2018

This program will present to youth how to honor and how to obey God, their loving heavenly Father, and how to get along with one another. Supplements for teachers to study and to present: Enjoy story time with youth. Read 4 chapters of Exodus each time you meet. Older youth: read the 4 chapters with…

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We would recommend that you look at the introduction for teacher's module that will show you what to expect and how this series will progress. Follow the link below.

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Each video post contains the lesson written by Jane for each video. You will find helpful examples, ideas for activities, relevant scripture references, and ideas to include parents.

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